If you would like to report an issue about a road in our Township, tree blocking the road, pot hole in road, road sign damaged or down, call the Township office or the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County at .  Many voices are better than one. If it is an emergency and after regular business hours, call 911 and they will contact the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County.

Road work in Richland Township  -The Richland Township Board Road Committee annually reviews the road conditions in the Township.  With input from the RCKC,  the Board acquires estimates for possible Township funded capital projects for the following year.  When the budget is assembled, the Board  selects the projects. Road maintenance, hole repair, and mowing is paid by the RCKC from the state funds that they receive so the Township only budgets for the capital projects.IMG_0959_1

The road commission has shared the following links for information on our roads

​Projects - Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (

For 2024,  RCKC  will be working on a project on G Ave from M-343 to 38th St to construct center left turn lanes
at 28th, 31st, 32nd, 35th and 38th intersections.  There will also be Chip Seal projects on 32nd St, G Ave, and Sprinkle Rd to 24th St to AB Ave and D Ave. - 26th to 27th

Richland Township Road Project Estimates  2024

 HMA Wedging/Chip Seals/Fog Seals

35th St - G Ave to DE Ave

CD Ave -   M- 89th to 35th St

DE Ave - Village Line east to 34th St

EF Ave – M-343 east to 32nd St

F Ave – Sprinkle Rd east to 27th St

HMA Overlay

Greer Rd- 35th St east to Township Line

Drainage Improvement

CD Ave - near intersection with Sprinkle Rd

Total Cost estimate               $ 639,370

           Less PAR Funds        -   $ 139,854

 Estimate Cost to Township  $ 499,516