Water Shut Off Updates

The City of Kalamazoo is returning to our Water Shut-Off Policy which was suspended in March 2020.  The Water Shut-Off Policy was reinstated effective 1-1-2024.  Customers accounts with non-payment in full 60 days after the initial invoice date will be scheduled for shut off.  Additional policy updates and specifics by account aging are detailed below.

Charges for water and sewer are due 28 days after the billing due date. After the due date, accounts become past due and the “gross” amount shown on the bill must be paid, including a 5% penalty. At 45 days after billing accounts become delinquent. At 60 days after billing a $60 service fee is applied to the delinquent account. After 60 days the service may be discontinued until the full bill amount and $60 service fee are paid. Also, a $100.00 security deposit will also be applicable for any delinquent account without a current security deposit on file.

The following is a table breakdown of the same information:

Account Status                 Days Since Bill Issued                    Fee/Action

Balance Due                      28 Days or Before

Past Due                             29 Days and Beyond                      5% penalty

Delinquent                         45 Days

Delinquent                         60 Days                                              $60 Service Fee

Delinquent                         60 Days +                                          Scheduled with Public Services for Delinquent Shut Off

Restore Service                 (Delinquent)                                      Balance Due Paid in Full including 5% penalty, $60 Service Fee, $100 Security Deposit

Public Services staff are aware of a customer billing group (cycle) whereas the $60 Service Fee was charged in accordance with our old policy which was prior to the 60 days.  These are being corrected with a $60 credit being applied to the next water bill.  A mass reversal was conducted within BS&A to correct this billing error for this customer billing group.  There is no action needed by individual customers as the corrective action has been taken.

All Utility customers receive bills sent to the billing address of the account, at 30 days a Past Due Notice is sent to the Service Address, Billing Address and Taxpayer Property Address, at 45 Days a SHUT OFF NOTICE is sent to the Service Address, Billing Address and Tax Payer Property Address, at 60 days a DELINQUENT SHUT OFF is scheduled with Public Services.  Each one of these communications includes the following language: Bill Payment Assistance - The Community Action Agency of Southwest Michigan can help low-income households. Call 211 or 1-877-422-2726 for more information.


Community Action Agency walk in water affordability office hours are available


February 13, 2024

City of Parchment – City Hall

650 S. Riverview Drive, Parchment MI 49004

09:00 AM to 2:00 PM


February 27, 2024

City of Portage – City Hall

7900 South Westnedge Ave., Portage MI 49002


March 5, 2024

City of Kalamazoo – Public Services Stockbridge

415 E. Stockbridge Ave., Kalamazoo MI 49001