Taxes & Assessments

Tax and Assessment information for Richland Township is available using the link below.   Richland Township is proud to offer the service free of charge for both tax payers and visitors.  

View Online Taxes and Assessment Information

  • Click on hyperlink above.  Search by name, address or parcel number
  • Program opens in assessing.   To view tax information - click on the tax tab within the middle of the page
  • Tax history can be viewed by clicking tax history or scrolling to bottom of page.   
  • To print any page - click on the print button at upper right hand corner.  It will print the page you are viewing. 
Summer Tax Bills will be mailed by July 1, 2024.  Summer taxes will be due September 16 for 2024 as September 14 is on a Saturday.  For payments not paid by September 16th,  1 % interest will be added  the first day of each month starting September 17, 2024 until  February 28, 2025.

Please call the office at 269-629-4921 to get current balance due. 

Winter Tax Bills will be mailed  by December 1, 2024.  Winter taxes are due February 14, 2024. Late payments on winter and summer taxes will be charged 1% interest until February 28, 2025.   On March 1, 2025  the tax roll will be turned over to the county for their collection and additional fees.  Call the Kalamazoo County  Treasurer @ 384-8124  for payoff amounts if paying after March 1, 2025.

  • Our office does accept postmarks for the Sept 14 and the February 14 deadline so make sure the postmark is on or before the tax due date except for the due date of February 28th  when postmarks are not accepted
  • We have a drop box to the left of the front entrance if you are paying your tax bill when the office is not open.
  • When paying your taxes, please make sure the billing address is correct so that you receive future bills and notices as well.
  • It is your responsibility to inform our offices of any changes or corrections. It is also your responsibility to receive your tax bill. 
  • At this time,  credit and debit cards are not being accepted.  Many banks will allow setting Richland Township as a Payee to electronically pay your tax bill.
  • If you have purchased a home or built a new home, please make sure that our office has been notified if this home is your primary residence.  A call to our office can verify if the proper forms have been filed.
  • The following applications will aid our office in knowing about your residence.
Principal Residence Exemption Application
Principal Residence Exemption Rescind Application
Veteran's Exemption Application
Policy and Procedure
Policy for Inspecting and Copying Assessing Records

The 2024 Assessment Notice, with information about 2024 estimated property taxes were mailed to property owners in late February .  In that notice, there was the information regarding the dates and times of the March Board of Review which is when property owners may appeal their assessments.  Please make sure the names, mailing addresses and PRE is correct.
In Michigan,  if you own and occupy your house you may qualify for a 100% PRE which will save you money on your property tax bill.
Contact our office if the PRE % is less than 100% and you believe you may qualify for the 100%.

2022 Millage Rates     10.6318 Summer
21.2777 Winter  
39.0546 for Non- Homestead Winter
2021 Millage Rates          10.6514- Summer 
  21.3489 for Winter
39.3489 for Non-Homestead
2023 Millage Rates  *voted 11/23 10.6318 Summer
22.1973  Winter
40.1973  Non-Homestead

                           2024 Millage Rates
s = summer tax collection  w = winter tax collection
County Housing Fund w     
County Public Safety     w    
County Operating s      4.6202
County Senior     w     
Juvenile Home     w     
County 911      w      
County Veterans Fund  * w      
Kal County Transportation w         .3102
KRESA      w      
KVCC         w       2.7729
Richland Library Operating     w      
Richland Township      w      
Township Fire Millage *  w      
State Education Tax     s       
GL Debt      w      
GL Bldg & Sinking Fund w