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Richland Township Park Update

COVID-19 Update

  • 18 June 2020
  • Author: Amber Boucher
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COVID-19 Update:




Is Richland Township taking reservations for pavilion or field rental at the park or village square?

At this time, Richland Township is not accepting any rental requests for usage of grounds, structures or playing fields at the Village Square or the Township Park.

If or when the Township decides to allow facility rentals this year, a public announcement will be made and reservations will then be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Simply stated the Township is not allowing any group organization to rent/and or use Township facilities at this time...meaning no baseball, softball, soccer team practices, etc. or graduation parties, family reunions, etc.

Is the Richland Township Park playground open?

Yes.  Please note that the playground equipment is not sanitized and is clearly marked use at your own risk.  Also, all playground users and guardians must adhere to the minimum six feet social distancing rules as set by the CDC unless from same household.

Are the bathrooms open at the Richland Township Park?

There are two single portable bathrooms at the park that are now available.  One is located near the playground area and the other is adjacent to the south entrance parking lot.

Are the drinking fountains on at the Richland Township Park or the village square?

No. Please plan accordingly when attending.

Are the walking trails at the Richland Township Park open?

Yes. Please adhere to the CDC rules of social distancing.

Can I walk my dog at the Richland Township Park?

Yes.  However...All dogs MUST BE LEASHED at all times.

Are the Pickleball courts open at the Richland Township Hall?

Yes. Please adhere to all CDC rules when in use.

Please note:  with the pavilions closed and not for use, there are still ample picnic tables and benches around the playground for seating.  However, you may choose to bring your own lawn chairs as well.

We ask you continue to follow the CDC and the State of Michigan guidelines when attending the park and please carry your own litter out or use the appropriate waste cans.

Kind regards,

Richland Park Staff