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Richland Township Clerk Priest is recruiting Election Inspectors

Election Inspectors wanted

Richland township Clerk Bear Priest is accepting applications for indiviuals who wish to serve as election inspectors.

This year Richland Township will oversee 4 elections.   Qualifications for workers are:  18 years or older, and registered elector in the State of Michigan.

Serving as an inpsector is a great way to be a part of the community and work with your neighbors.    Inspectors are paid for work and training.  The current rate of pay is as follows:

Training   $ 10.00 per hour

Election Day Pay

1/2 day (7 hours morn)          $ 100.00

1/2 day (7 hours afternoon)   $ 100.00

Full Day Inspectors                $ 200.00 + $ 10 per hour over 12 hours

Full Day Chair                        $ 250.00 + $ 10 per hour over 12 hours

If interested in learning more, contact Clerk Bear Priest @, 269-629-4921.


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