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August Primary Election Results

Local results for the Primary Election

County Clerk Tim Snow has advised that Election Magic (used in previous years for the posting of election results) is no longer available.  Thanks to the Kalamazoo County webmaster, a replacement posting system has been developed and will be available Tuesday night. 

Clerk Snow asks for patience with the new system as this will be the trial run of the posting process throughout the evening.    

To access election results, simply use the following link:


Results are expected to come in fairly well as each tabulator will be sending its totals to the County Clerk directly from each precinct shortly after the polls close.  The absentee ballots will be the last to be added.  Please be aware that although the precincts reporting will indicate all precincts are in, until the banner at the top of the webpage says that absentee ballots are now reporting, you may assume that they are not in the totals seen.




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Richland Firefighters Sponsor Blood Drive

Red Cross Blood Drive December 28, 2018

Richland Fire Association sponsors Blood Drive August 17, 2018

Blood Drive, August 17, 2018

Blood Drive, Richland Township Hall, 7401 N 32nd St, Friday August 17th from noon - 5:45 p.m.

Let’s get walking!

Now that spring is here.  Get outside and get moving.

Grab your shoes and meet us at the flagpole at the GL High School on Monday's  at 5:45 pm.

See you there.

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